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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diane's right

Diane's right... My Monday Musing on Wednesday did go up Tuesday HA! I don't know how the time/date stamp works when posting but I can tell it it was well and truely Wednesday. I'd been slogging away at my Teusday list (all the things that had to get done on Teusday)for so long that there wasn't a break before I started on the Wednesday list! (no sleep for me *sob*)at around 1:30am I thought time for some me-time or should I say MM time. But obviously I was worrying about not being ready for Wednesday as I was coming up with that title.

The up-shot is...I need to write shorter lists or learn to say no.

I must be doing something wrong becasue it's 1:15pm on Wednesday but the date stamp is still showing Tuesday!

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