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Friday, August 7, 2009

First Friday Firsts

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Congratulations Vicki (you’re on the score-board) who was first in with the answer to last month’s FFPuzzle: The clocks were indeed striking 13 in Orwell’s 1984.

An east FF this month (but one of my favourites because I’m passionate about first lines)…let’s have a teaser from your current read…first line/title/author please.

…and the Government of the United States of America is herewith suspended, except in the District of Columbia, as of the emergency. Earth Abides George Stewart.

Puzzle: Holly holds a sweater to her face for three points…what does she feel, why and for whom.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

could it really be only Tuesday?

Don’t get me wrong I love libraries – just not my local public library. My favourite library is the one just over the hill from where I live – in the university where I was a student up until just last year.

I must love libraries because I’m back to work in not one but two of them! 3 days a week in a lovely little school library (I’ve loved school libraries ever since one became my refuge from a lonely school career in grade 5); and two days a week in a uni library – not the campus the hill but the same uni – opposite end of the spectrum work-wise but just as enjoyable in a different way).

I’m loving being back at work but boy I’m tired and it’s only Tuesday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

library thing

Musing Mondays (BIG) Musing Monday is hosted by Becca of Just One More Page. Pop over and read lots of interesting comments & post your own. This week book-blogger Becca asks ...This week Bower-bird Becca has a library meme courtesy of MizB:

Library Habits meme:
1) If you don't frequent your local library, why not?
  Don’t get me started…It gives me the irrits, there’s never the book I want, or it it says it’s in I can’t find it because as Becca says, the shelves leave a lot to be desired, the general ethos is off-putting which is annoying cause I love libraries (mostly) and I really WANT to like my local but there you go my standars are too lofty I guess.

2) If you do visit the library, how often do you go?

3) Do you have a favourite section that you always head to first, or do you just randomly peruse the shelves?  I usually have something specific in mind if I’m there so that determines where I head first.

4) How many books are you allowed to check out at one time? Do you take advantage of this? See Becca’s notes

5) How long are you allowed to have the books checked out?  See Becca’s notes

6) How many times are you allowed to renew your check-outs, if at all?  again Becca
7) What do you love best about your particular library? That Becca loves it with such a passion.

8) What is one thing you wish your library did differently?  I wish the staff took more pride in their work.

9) Do you request your books via an online catalogue, or through the librarian at your branch?  Once upon a time we had a great branch librarian but that branch had to go now I don’t know where she is so I go elsewhere for books.

10) Have you ever chosen a book on impulse (from the online catalogue OR the shelves) and had it turn out to be totally amazing? If so, what book was it, and why did you love it? As I don’t do impulsive well ride along on Becca’s coat tails, she knows what I like and passes all her great finds off to me (lucky I know). I just don’t have the time to speculate and my TBR is so HUGE I can happily work with what I’ve got.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top 3 by the c

My favourite top 3 responses by the commenters extraordinaire for July.

1.July 13:  literaturecrazy from What was I reading? said, in response to discussion about cover attraction, I think it must be pretty tough on publishers because so much of beauty is (as the cliché says) in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes their great artwork could end up being, for some person, a turn-off. It's Catch-22, huh?

I love the other-side-of-the-coin aspect of comments that make me all ooo I didn’t think if that and how clever of Literaturecrazy used the title of a book in her answer – one that has entered the idiom to be such an evocative expression all on its own.

2. July 7 Nise' from Under the Boardwalk said I loved watching my kids get excited about books too!

Nies’ you always make it into my top 3! kids and books are a great combination… I think we are very alike.

3.July 31 Christina from Reading though the Night said Don't feel bad. I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now either.

My blogging friends make me feel so …normal :) it’s so good to know that others feel just the same way as me!