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To know we are not alone. ~C.S. Lewis~

About me

Language, as a form of empowerment, has been a theme throughout my life. My Dad was a journalist, my Mum studied language as a girl, so they were always focusing my attention on what was said and how meaning was created. This type of up-bringing led to a love of words, a degree in English literature and an overly pedantic approach to grammar. I'm still learning; through the books I read and share, particularly with my book-club (BookFreaks) & through the blogs I stalk. I'm trying to dial back my fastidiousness and embrace the ever-changing nature of language. Blogging is helping me do that and it also acts as a record of my journey with books and language, I hope others will find it interesting too. I share my life with my husband who is also my best friend, my gorgeous man (MGM); my three children, B, R & E who are adults now and  share my love of reading - B & R are BookFreaks too! I thank everyday God for my many blessings - something else my Mother taught me.