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Saturday, March 7, 2009

new books **sigh**

There's nothing like getting new books! the extra leg on the y chromosome makes me question my exuberance at owning new books but that aside I have a process for bringing new books into my home and life.

1. drop book voucher hints like crazy before birthday, Mother’s day, anniversary and Christmas.
2. tuck those book vouchers in my wallet and revel in the fact that I can buy whenever I feel so disposed.
3. research: check out bookshops, friends, and reviews till I decide what precious few books I can get for my vouchers.
4. give in and shop: (usually have the vouchers for at least 3 months before I get to this point) which event is enhanced by the presence of a fellow booklover.
5. get as many books as I can for my voucher.
6. bring them home and leave them on my desk (where I spend a lot of my time) so I can admire them (you might even catch me caressing those smooth new covers - and yes I am aware this is somewhat creepy).
7. after about a week I take them up to my bedside table - there to be admired for a few more weeks.
8. From the bedside table they go to the bookshelves (still within reach from bed) to wait in line with the other un-reads and the beginning of the reading process (which is another list for another day).

I was very excited with my last voucher to get a book I haven’t been able to get for a while (the Dahl). And to get 3 books – I usually only manage to get 2. These are my latest purchases, obtained with a Christmas voucher, while shopping with my friend & book-devotee


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Rebecca said...

I think you have got a very good process going here, one I may need to borrow.