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Monday, March 23, 2009

This week bespecatacled Becca of Just one more page asks: How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

For me it's a case of horses for courses...for each need there is a favourit bookshop. For new books I was once a book snob - only buying from the more prestigious bookshop in town but have now matured a little (well I like to think so anyway) and will shop at the competition - this has a little to do with it being new & large and a lot to do with it's proximity to good coffee (essential for the buy-a-new-book-crack-it-open-imediately experience).

For non-new books:

I've discovered the discards rack at my local library which offers very cheap books, it's possible to get 5 for $1! although I never seem to make great discoveries to put me on par with Becca (shopper-extraordinaire) who introduced me to the stand.


I have a favourite antique book-shop that is good for hours of browsing and I usually find something to add to my collection which was sadly depleted by a house fire a couple of years ago. If I'm on holidays I like to try for an antique book as a memento rather than a snow-dome or key-ring.

I have a great memory of an antique bookshop in Scotland where I purchased a book on Rob Roy to whom my family tree can be traced.

p.s. Becca loves her glasses so she won't mind the bespectacled descriptor!


Rebecca said...

I DO love my glasses :)

I like your idea of a book-souvenir, how nice to remember your travels that way.

caite said...

Yes, those cheap discards at the library rack can't be beat! It is hit and miss...but you might just find a treasure.

zetor said...

I forgot about my library sales, they don't happen often ,so Waterstones is the next best thing

Lisa said...

I love the little used bookstore in my town. There's only one indie sotre that just opened up and I haven't even made it in there yet! But I will this weekend!