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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cover attraction

I love this meme hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. Pop over to The Printed Page from time to time to see if you can catch some gorgeous cover attractions over there.

I came upon this I happened upon Wild Thyme gorgeous blog while wondering through the web instead of paying attention to cooking dinner…as you do. I spent enough time there to burn the veg and find this beautiful book cover…

Mrs Delany Isn’t just the way that when something is brought to your attention (paper cut on your pinkie finger which finger you otherwise you never notice) you just keep bumping into it.

Since last weeks BTT I keep finding biographies I want to read, like this one about British aristocrat and artist Mary Delany. She was friend to Jonathan Swift, corresponded with Sir Joseph Banks, moved in circles that included George III and Queen Charlotte and was so expert at decoupage that some of her art survives in the British Museum.

Too many interesting books – not enough cooking (housework) –free time!

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Anonymous said...

I love covers too, haven't gotten an e-reader partly because of the cover issue (although the Nook does have mini covers, but still not a cover with the book)