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Sunday, January 25, 2009

it's not about the book

When Becca asked ‘buy or borrow?’ my unequivocal answer was buy. But I’ve learned something about myself since losing my book; it’s not about the book it’s all about the reading.

I was upset, flustered even, I needed the book back. I made a few ‘have you found my book’ phone calls, to no avail. I have a suspicion that I left the book at a place to which I cannot return . So I checked the public library catalogue and there it was. The librarian was kind enough to check the shelves and put it aside for me. I rearranged my day to accommodate the 40 min round trip and picked up the book.

I spent some time making myself a new beaded bookmark (two actually) which gave me pleasure in both the creating and possessing. And now I’m quite content to abandon my book to its fate just so long as I can re-connect with my characters/friends and bring them to the safe harbour of the end.

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Rebecca said...

Oh good! I'm glad you found it. I missed your last entry, so I just read it and started to worry for you (I HATE it when I misplace a book) and then scrolled up and found I didn't have to, phew.

... did that make sense?