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Monday, January 19, 2009

sick-bed reading

It's funny (strange) that I resort to the screen when I'm sick rather than a book. Once I thought this was because the only time I'm laid-up with sickness is a bad dose of the flu and, if I'm honest, not even then...there's no ringing in sick from mothering.

But you're familiar with the yucky flu symptoms I'm sure; sandpaper eyes that have cotton wool behind them, leaky orifices, head of lead, wobbly legs...all of these make reading less attractive than a good dose of Audrey Hepburn or Robert Redford.

this may stem back to not being able to read when I was little and captive to my dyslexia. The only time I got to stay home was if I was contagious (Mum & Dad worked so I went to school unless there was bone showing or the doctor said I was not fit for it) so measles, mumps, chickenpox etc would see me in front of the tellie watching Shirley Temple or Red Skelton (my childhood was a long time ago!).

My recent sprained ankle slowed me down a bit and, like my friend Becca recently laid low with the flu, I read Middlesex, but instead of interspersing with naps I read sporadically while I watched re-runs and movies.


Rebecca said...

how is your ankle now? I haven't seen you since last book club, so are you still all hobbly?

I've done plenty of tv watching myself this flu, except I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Rebecca said...


Hey Wendy, I read your answer through your blog as opposed to through MM and so you missed out on my official speal.

Welcome to Musing Mondays! Hope to see you playing with us again next week!