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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

where did Tuesday go?

I can’t quite seem to get back to normal, it’s frustrating and I miss the blogosphere. I haven’t visited anyone lately except Just One More Page, on Monday. I actually sat down just now to write my MM post a bit late and then I realised it is Wednesday! surely Wednesday’s too late but where did Tuesday go?!?

So I decided to catch up a bit by showing off my purchases (& my reason for buying them) on my birthday-treat shopping day to the Blue Dragon my new favourite  second-hand bookshop. The shop owner is, I’ve been told, a librarian and she did very well not to shush us as we buzzed around her shop like kids in a lolly-shop.

The shop doesn’t have that sometimes yucky second-handishness, you know where you look at a book and wonder if someone’s been reading it on the loo, it’s more library-meets-new-bookshop with second-hand prices. All my purchases were in excellent condition some of them look like new. Next time i go I’m going to TRY and part with some of my treasures because of course she buys too and that way the bottom line is even smaller (I’ve never been able to part with a book voluntarily - we’ll just have to see about this plan!)

here’s what I got…

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez       (the fantastic title)
  • The Historian Elizabeth Kostova                                           (the blurb)                             
  • The Best Thing Margo Lanagan                                               (Margo Lanagan is my fav aussie writer)
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife Audrey Niffenegger                      (the nagging – Becca! I’ve read it and she was right to nag)
  • Persuading Aristotle Peter Thompson                                     (I desire to be persuasive)
  • The Return of Merlin Deepak Chopra                                   (the author’s gorgeous name)

100 years historian best thing TimeTravellersWife unbearable pa return of merlin

And on the same day, in the post, arrived this book written by a distant rellie & dedicated to closer rellies (MGM’s cousins Roger and Jan)…


  • Reunion Andrea Goldsmith.

I’d call that a good day!


Rebecca said...

Buzzing like kids in a lolly shop? Us? NEVER!

And once again, proof that my nagging works. What have we learnt from this? Always listen to Becca! Now... what crazy thing can I get you to do...

Nah, didn't think that would work.

Anonymous said...

Great bunch of books you found! Don't feel bad, I thought today was Thursday!