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Friday, August 7, 2009

First Friday Firsts

Friday Firsts* Copy/paste the question and button.
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* Join in with the intermittent puzzle, (look for the answer the following FF). First correct answer = 1 pt.    A prize will go out on FF 1st anniversary ! (track your progress on my sidebar)…

Congratulations Vicki (you’re on the score-board) who was first in with the answer to last month’s FFPuzzle: The clocks were indeed striking 13 in Orwell’s 1984.

An east FF this month (but one of my favourites because I’m passionate about first lines)…let’s have a teaser from your current read…first line/title/author please.

…and the Government of the United States of America is herewith suspended, except in the District of Columbia, as of the emergency. Earth Abides George Stewart.

Puzzle: Holly holds a sweater to her face for three points…what does she feel, why and for whom.


Anonymous said...


She feels grief for Gerry.
From P.S. I Love You

Rebecca said...


I had no idea what the puzzle was ... until I saw Vicki's answer. I should have known that one! grr.

Anonymous said...


I've read PS I Love You, but wouldn't have thought of it.

Rebecca said...

It's GRIEF for GERRY because he had recently DIED...

phew. And I'm so peeved that I didn't realise that one right away.

wendy elizabeth said...

Vicki and Becca both get points on the board - Vicki was first in with the first two answers and Becca picked up one at the end.