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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

could it really be only Tuesday?

Don’t get me wrong I love libraries – just not my local public library. My favourite library is the one just over the hill from where I live – in the university where I was a student up until just last year.

I must love libraries because I’m back to work in not one but two of them! 3 days a week in a lovely little school library (I’ve loved school libraries ever since one became my refuge from a lonely school career in grade 5); and two days a week in a uni library – not the campus the hill but the same uni – opposite end of the spectrum work-wise but just as enjoyable in a different way).

I’m loving being back at work but boy I’m tired and it’s only Tuesday!

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Nise' said...

I always think working in a library would be a dream job. But you probably have to work rather than browse the bookshelves all day long. So maybe I really just want to be stranded, marooned or be a night watchlady in one!