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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I’m not back yet, but nearly…

Just popping my head up to say thankyou for all your kind thoughts. My mother-in-law died last Friday. She was that rare breed of in-law who manages to walk the fine line between overbearing and disinterest.

Her amazing capacity for unconditional love allowed me to feel loved like a daughter rather than daughter-in-law. She was a woman of definite ideas that were tempered by her ability to accept other points of view and alternate life-styles. Even when her grandchildren didn’t do things in the ‘right’ order she never judged – just loved.

It’s time like these when one relies on faith – could not get out of bed in the morning without God by my side; books – to take me some place safe, distant and distracting; and friends.

My friends (you all included) have been praying for us, I know because I can feel it, and helping out in practical ways too. We’ve had meals dropped in, and flowers and people stepping in to do things we’d normally do to give us time to catch our breath.

And then there are days like yesterday that will stand out in my memory as beacons of hope in a fog of grief. Two of my booky friends took me out to a bookshop and craftshops and lunch. This was to celebrate my birthday which happened to be just four days after Mum died. It was so good during last week to have something to anticipate, and now to look back on, as not only  brief respite but a reminder that it is okay to smile and laugh and one day smiling and laughing will come naturally.

- will share my book purchases soon (seven books in one go – The Blue Dragon second-hand bookshop is my new favourite bookshop!).


Rebecca said...

I am just so glad that you had a good day, something to take your mind of things. Besides, we kinda like ya, need to keep you going :)

gautami tripathy said...

It is good to see you back, even if briefly. It's the life's small pleasures, which keep us going!


Yvette Kelly said...

She sounded like a lovely lady and to have such nice words said about her from a daughter in law must make her a one in a million kind of person.
Hang in there!

Nise' said...

Glad you were able to celebrate with wonderful friends. Your mom-in-law sounds like a wonderful lady.

The Book Resort said...

Wendy, you are in my thoughts & prayers. My prayers to your loved ones.

Books are the best of friends & greatest of escapes. Your friends are true gems... you are blessed.

Hugs & treasure the precious moments.

xo ~ Diane

Anonymous said...

Your MIL sounds like an amazing woman. Prayers to you and your family.

Glad you got to spend time with your friends.

Take care