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Thursday, June 4, 2009

only fifteen?!!!

BTT is a long running bookish meme. To join in pop over and read the 100's of interesting comments. This week's question ...

This question inspired from Shelley’s blog, and what a great question it is too! “This can be a quick one. Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you’ve read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.”

So here goes 15 books in no particular order that will stay with, I’ve got the timer going, 15 minutes starting now…

1. To kill a mockingbird (always my go-to book)
2.The Bookthief
3. The Great Gatsby
4. The Lord of the Flies
5. The Lord of the Rings
6. The Crystal Cave
7. The Lymond Chronicles (okay, I know, not one book but Lymond is inside my head complete and gorgeous)
8. The Year of Wonders
9. Dune
Am panicking now because I don’t want to forget something special before I'm out of time!
10. Rebecca
11. Here be Dragons
12. Sense and Sensibility
13. The Belgariad
14. The Potter’s Field
Last one... oh oh which other of my loved ones makes the grade….
15. Watership Down

this was fun, I love thinking about my treasured reads but I’m sure I’ve left some off the list and they’ll be all ‘boo hoo you don't love me anymore’ – really I’m not that weird but I am convinced that inanimate objects have feelings.

What about you, what are your first fifteen favourites? Bye now I’m off to read everyone else’ s over at BTT (to see what I forgot).


Diane said...

Great List! Here is mine:http://bibliophilebythesea.blogspot.com/2009/06/booking-through-thursday-books-that.html

gautami tripathy said...

The Book Thief is on my list too. Loved it!

Stuck forever and ever!

Megan said...

I could have stuck The Lord of the Flies on my list, but it wouldn't be because I liked it, just that some of the images there really do stick with you. I made my list and now I'm kicking myself because I forgot some really good ones, but at least I didn't forget The Lord of the Rings (who could forget that?). I hope my other favorites aren't sad because I definitely think of inanimate objects as having feelings, too. LOL!

Jess said...

The Book Thief was great, but have you read I Am the Messenger? It is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

We overlap one book: The Great Gatsby.

My full list.

Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading said...

I can't believe I forgot To Kill a Mockingbird! You have some others on your list (Lymond) that I am hoping to get to someday.

Jacqueline C said...

You've got some I've been meaning to look into. Here's mine.

3M said...

I had your first two on my list as well. This was fun!


Anonymous said...

To Kill A Mockingbird - Check
Lord of the Flies - Check
Gatsby - Boohoo! I still can't believe I missed it.
Book Thief - Loved it!

Have a few of those on my TBR and looking forward to reading them.

Happy Thursday.

Ladybug said...

I don't think I have read the entire Lord of the Flies. It was a compulsory read in English class when I went to school. I didn't like to be forced to read a book so I often ended up reading a summary of it instead(and getting away with it).

I think I'll definitively have to reread it!

Rebecca said...

I've only read four on your favourites list - which I find fascinating. Two friends who talk a lot about books, who frequently recommend books, who go to the same bookclub and our lists are so different. Though somehow I get the feeling you'll have read far more of my list :)

The Book Resort said...

Watership Down... yes!