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Monday, October 12, 2009

love a good list

Musing Mondays (BIG) Musing Monday is hosted by Becca of Just One More Page. Pop over and read lots of interesting comments & post your own. This week book-list-lover Becca (double marks for double aliteration) asks…This past week, Borders re-released it’s 100 Favourite Books of All Times. Do you vote in these kinds of polls when they arise? Do you look through the list, or seek out books featured?
I have never contributed to the making of these list (have no idea how to go about this at all) but I have wondered, when reading said lists, just who does decide what goes on the list. Some times it's more like ....really? that's someone's favourite book (or actually the majority's fav. book) how can that be!

But like Becca I do love a good list (not quite as obsessivley perhaps) and while I don't check the changes from year to year I do like to cross off the ones I've read, even if they are the same ones I crossed off last year. There are few things as satisfying as crossing off items on a list. If I ever find myself in need of inspiration about what to read next I'll refer to the Dymocks or A&R lists but that doesn't happen as often post We Read. Blogging has opened up a whole new world of inspiration.


Nise' said...

Yes, there is something about crossing off items of a list that is satisfying! I am crossing books off lists more than I am jobs that need to be done around the house! LOL

caite said...

do you keep like a real list you cross them off of? I would just loose the list..I know it.