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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm ridiculously excited about this

An award, for me, for talking! Take that! all you teachers who said I'd never get anywhere if I didn't shut up as they were sending me out of the room!

To this day I'm convinced that my lack of aptitude for maths is due to the ratio (see nice maths word there!) of time I spent in the classroom to the time I spent in the hallway, about 20 (in)/80(out). I could tell you every detail of the lockers in that hallway (which is also where I did a lot of reading for English). One year I had a teacher who didn't even let me into the room at all. We had to line up outside our room, I could never master the two, straight, QUIET, lines thing so she just used to send me out of the room before I even got into the room (shortcutting I called it).

So I am extra specially pleased and honoured to get this award. A bit gushy I know but it's my first so I think I can have a bit of emotional latitude for this one, I'll be acting my age again soon I promise.

Thanks very much to Becca of Just One More Page (you might know her by her secret identity - The Guru).


Rebecca said...

You're the only one who calls me The Guru, you dork :)

I'm so happy you're happy. But I gotta say, I would be SO much happier if I had been quick enough to capture the dancing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And speaking of being good at talking... I'm hoping you can help us get the word out about Reading Is Fundamental's "Read with Kids Challenge" going on now through June 30--goal is to log 5 million minutes read with children, and bring awareness to the importance of reading!

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Layla Wright,RIF

Sandra said...

Great award, congratulations. I love the panda picture too.