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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

not 16 books for $16.50

Okay so I didn't manage to get 16 books last weekend when I went off to hicksville Victoria for a wedding but I DID visit every bookshop I passed and managed to get a couple of new old books.

MGM couldn't make it to out-the-back-of-nowhere by 11am on Saturday (he had a gig in Canberra the night before) so while the wedding was lovely the best part of the three day weekend was spending it with my daughter, isn't she gorgeous!

And oh so patient with her book-obsessed Mum. We visited Wangaratta (Ned Kelly country), as you can see, because my Dad was a journalist on the Wangaratta Chronicle when it was a broadsheet (he is 90 this year). Apart from the information centre, Gloria Jeans (for their famous iced chocolate) we spent our time in the bookshop.

We visited Albury and spent our time in A&R and the coffee shop around the corner from A&R.

We satyed at Rutherglen in this delightful B&B, Carlyle House . B&B freaks me out a little because I'm a bit shy when it comes to socialising with people I don't know but this place was perfect. We had our own privte entry, our ouwn private lounge room and a lovley hostess who knew just the right things to say to make us feel at home without being at all indimidating.

We spent one whole day wondering the pretty streets of Rutherglen (mostly in the bookshop really) where I bought because I'm inot Dahl's short stories atm.
and because I love the English language.
My only souvenirs (unless you count wine as souvenirs?). If so then we also bought back 5 bottles of the yummiest wine we could find in an afternoon of Rutherglen wine tasting.
And we spent the eveings in our cozy little room reading...perfect!


Rebecca said...

So many things, so so many, going to email.

Molly said...

Oh...that sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend!! How wonderful that you and your daughter could spend that time together.

The Book Resort said...

Wow!!! What a beautiful weekend, you had.
The bookshops, the B&B, the walk, the atmosphere, your daughter, the books... & the wine ;}.
Your daughter is beautiful.