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To know we are not alone. ~C.S. Lewis~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So to sumarise

My last post was a long winded way to award certain bloggers and acknowledge their contribution to my own fledgling attempts to fly in this virtual world. If you visit Becca at Just one more page you’ll see what I mean, she has such good taste (well at least the same as mine so I think it’s great) so every element I add ends up being just like hers and she has never once said ‘stop copying me!’ either, isn’t she nice!

So if you’ve received this award you’ll see elements of your page here on mine, you will have amazed me & you will have inspired me to find out ‘how can I do that too’. But perhaps more than that you’ll have made me smile and feel good about myself as I recognise I’m not alone if I’m reading.

1) display the grasshopper award (in my last post) on your blog knowing you have touched someone you may never meet IRL.
2) pass this on to any fellow bloggers who have taught, inspired or entertained you.


caite said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!
just wanted to stop by and say hi....even thought the link would 'buddy' Rebecca gave in her post was bad. (too many blogspots in the address..)

But your are off to a great start, creating your our award and all.

Rebecca said...



Just kidding.

I used a dodgy link? What is it with your site that I can't get right? Grr. I go to that huge Christian site ALL the time because I type it in wrong. Okay, I'll go fix it.