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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top 3 by the c

Remember our recent discussion about blog comments? Well it got me thinking...I'd like to share my favourite responses from those who comment on my blog, so here are my
top 3 by the c(ommenters)
this week.

1. Becca You're the only one who calls me The Guru, you dork :)
This made me laugh out loud. I am a dork but the guru thing is taking off so ha ha to you Becca.

2. Matt's First line "Rose MacGregor laughed and shouldn't have." From Rose Variations by Marisha Chamberlain, made me think of that awkwardly supressed giggling I was inclined towards in Church when I was a little lass. Actually I still laugh at the most inappropriate moments, like when a loved-one walks into (& bounces off of) a very clean glass door holding a plate on newly cooked BBQ (which gets smooshed all down the front of his shirt - poor MGM).

3. Layla Wright of 2009 Read with kids Challenge who asked me to get the word out about this challenge which aims to get kids reading – goal 5 million minutes! – and offers a Disneyland Vacation prize too boot! I’m in Australia so I can’t say I’ll participate but I recomend these type of challenges to get your kids motivated. My kids participated in our Premier's Reading Challenge & enjoyed the competitiveness (it also makes reading a cool thing to talk about at school). My son was one a few top readers selected to have afternnon-tea with the Premier the year he participated. Any school library I've worked at has promoted it and reaped the rewards of readers asking for 'more books please.' It's great catalyst for getting kids and books together.


Wanda said...

What a wondeful way to thank visitors for their comments! You've earned an award. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to cover my embarrassment with a giggle. Then when I started teaching, i realize it was better to stay put as I have to maintain a professional countenance! :)

Rebecca said...

I guess I should just be grateful that you didn't go for an embarrassing nickname. You're definately capable of it.

And how mean to laugh at 'MGM'. meanie.