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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Recently I was in a bit of a snit. I'd had a string of all-for-someone-else days to complete 6 weeks of way-too-busy and I didn't quite know how to handle it and then I had an epiphany...wasn’t this why I started blogging? For moments such as these? A way of using the written word to work through angst, emotions, life etc. that avoids resentment and shrillness without overburdening others (pity my one reader who’s now on the receiving end of all my dross!). So off I went and vented my spleen on my (other) blog and voilĂ  I felt better.

Usually I get cranky if my creative urges are stifled for too long. I know the symptoms and find that if I can just fit in a bit of sewing, beading, paper crafting my world will shift back to its rightful axis. As I continued blogging I realised that blogging satisfies these same creative urges. MGM told me when we got our first computer, seems like 100’s of years ago now, that I’d love the creative side of it and of course he has once again been proved correct and it has once again taken me decades to understand something that he just got in the first 5 minutes!

As my enjoyment of blogging increases, I lean heavily on my fellow bloggers for inspiration. You’re all so generous with your encouragement (& instructions) and understanding with my baby steps; and I’m so thingy about intellectual property that I wanted to acknowledge everyone I’ve copied (errrr who has inspired me).

This award goes out from grasshopper (or padawan if you weren't born in the 60’s) to all the blogging Kwai Chang Caines out there, who, I know, will be understanding if I do this award thing the wrong way. I’ve seen them on blogs on the side-bar but I don’t really know how to get it there. So Becca,
Robin, Nise...you’re my test-awardees...if I do it wrong let me know before I send it on somewhere else...k?


Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Aw Wendy. How sweet. What a wonderful surprise. I loved Kwai Change Chaines and watched the show all the time. You do me a great honor - grasshopper! It is a wonderful award, creative and inspiring. I'll blog something about it a bit later today. Thank you.

And yes, you did it right.

Nise' said...

Wendy, thank you so much! This is a great idea for an award and I because I am old I know your references well! LOL I'm always inspired by fellow bloggers whether veterans or newbies!

Anonymous said...

I'm truly touched by this award. OK speechless to be exact. Thank you for thinking of my blog, The Printed Page, when presenting the Grasshopper Award. And there is no 'wrong' way so go for it. You're sure to make someone's day brighter. I know you did when I saw mine.

Cathy said...

Thank you, Wendy--I'm very touched!