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Friday, May 15, 2009


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I thought we’d have a bit of blog-o-sphere fun this week by creating our own first line! I’ll get it started, you contribute a word or a few (not more than three) and I’ll put them together (not necessarily in the order they arrived) and we’ll see what we get. Tell your friends to join in and we may even end up with a more than just a first line.

let’s start with

Andrew was worried…

Puzzle: who has ‘just returned from a visit with his landlord’ having found himself in desolate countryside far from the ‘stir of society’?


The Book Resort said...

about the piercing

Puzzle ~ Wuthering Heights.

Nise' said...

because the warning

Mr. Lockwood

Anonymous said...

First time playing!!

gave a terrible

Rebecca said...

Mr Lockwood, Wuthering Heights

sinking feeling that