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Friday, May 22, 2009

First-to-hand first

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I was in the bookshop last night (I know you’re all surprised & shocked) and I had 19th Wife by David Ebershoff in my hand and the first line is DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous) r-e-a-l-l-y made me want to read it was such a great teaser. So this week, as I’m so late getting this up, let’s have an easy FF…grab the closest reading matter to hand and let us have a first line teaser. I can’t give you the  19th Wife first line because I put it back …I know… can you believe it!  Poverty has reduced me to pragmatism.

So this is mine (from my .20 purchase).                                           Still I remember that homecoming we had, when we rode back to Aber from the assembly of all the chieftains of Wales, in the spring of the year of grace, one thousand and fifty eight.

The dragon at Noonday Edith Pargeter

Last week we had a choose your-own-adventure first line and this is what the contributions from Dianne, Nise', Becca & Vicki (no link - sorry I can’t access your profile) add up to…with a bit of help from me…

Andrew was worried about the piercing because the warning gave him a terrible sinking feeling that perhaps he shouldn’t have attempted  pierce that part of his anatomy on his own.

What fun & it’s a good start which I’ll work on towards a short story.

Puzzle: who has ‘just returned from a visit with his landlord’ having found himself in desolate countryside far from the ‘stir of society’? A: Nise’ was correct, it was Mr Lockwood. Dianne was on the right track, the quote was from Wuthering Heights but as it was a ‘who’ question I’m giving the point to Nise’…ah the devil’s in the details. :-)


Anonymous said...
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The Book Resort said...

That darn devil, lol, Go Nise!

Nise' said...

Andrew sounds like he is in a whole heap of trouble with that piercing!

My FF.

Rebecca said...

That sentence scares me.